Advertise Smart not Hard


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Advertise Smart not Hard

Andrea Maurer

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*Are you a newbie who is ready to tap into the thriving network of billion viable customers on Instagram?
*Or are you a veteran finding it hard to sell on Instagram?
*Want to make your brand stand out from all the rest?
*Don't know the best ways to run Instagram ads and turn your followers into dollars?
Well, search no more! This book got your back!
The sole purpose of this book is to teach newbies and veterans alike, the smartest ways and not the hardest ways of advertising.
Advertising on Instagram is not about having likes, comments, using Hashtags or buying followers. In the past, for creating a fan following, you had to invest some really good money, then light up your marketing dollars on fire struggling to figure out Facebook ads.
With the help of this book, anyone can generate an Infinite Stream of warm, cheap and targeted leads on demand (even if you have ZERO Instagram followers). The warmer the lead, the easier it is for the brands to sell.
Your followers are ready to act — give them a reason! This guide is the ideal tool for brands ready to market themselves to billions of visual shoppers, whether you are new to the Instagram or you are not exactly sure how to get most out of your profile. With easy-to-use tactics and other great hacks from this guide, you're ready to take that move!
Winning on Instagram is not that tricky if you follow the rules revealed by Andreas in this book. This book will teach you:
*The basics you need to be mindful of before hitting Instagram for advertising.
*How to set up an Ad on Instagram from the scratch.
*Monitoring your Instagram Ads results, so you can review your site, landing page, and sales funnels and make the required fixes that will bring you on the quick road to profitability.
*Building your own brand and making it stand out from the rest on Instagram.
*All the best tricks and hacks of 2020 and beyond, to raise your fan base and turn it into sales.
*A list of some FAQs, you all are searching answers for!

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