Hook Your Readers 12 Proven Strategies to Write a Best-Selling Book


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Hook Your Readers 12 Proven Strategies to Write a Best-Selling Book

Tamar Sloan


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Readers subconsciously want certain things from a book…and best-selling writers make sure they deliver it.

Thanks to evolution, the magic of story is wired into our brains - some of us can articulate why, many of us can't - but science certainly can. Story serves a unique function in the human psyche, a purpose so vital to our success as a species that humans are inescapably drawn to it. The multibillion-dollar publishing industry is a testament to this.

But readers aren't drawn to any old story, there are certain elements that tip the scales between the slush pile and the yes pile, the bottom-dwellers and the best-sellers, the meh books and the holy-hardcover-I-can't-put-this-down! books.

And now you can discover exactly what these elements are.

Packed with real-life examples and practical exercises, Hook your Reader breaks down the essential components of chart-busting books. Writers of all genres and experience levels will learn how to:

Give readers what they are really looking for
Capture their readers by sparking curiosity
Engage their readers with the power of emotion
Craft a compelling character that readers can't help but connect with

From the unique perspective of practicing psychologist and best-selling author, Tamar Sloan, Hook Your Readers allows you to hack your reader's brain by creating a book that they'll be unable to put down.

So, go ahead, discover what makes a best-selling book and why, but more importantly, how you can write one too.

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