How to Start a Small Business in 2020


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How to Start a Small Business in 2020

Gregory Olsen


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Have you always dreamed of starting up your own small business? Do you want to create a solid foundation as an entrepreneur?

If you’re seeking small business success, this is the book you need to read. Keep going!

Choosing the right structure for your business is a crucial step when starting a business. The type of entity that you choose brings specific legal, financial, and operational implications.

Entrepreneurs have to plan in many ways in order to avoid bad investments, legal errors, bankruptcy, etc. Planning also helps identify new sales opportunities and open up the possibility of big-pot funding opportunities that benefit start-ups.

Plans change and evolve with your business as you reflect on your mission, vision and goals. When a successful strategy stops working, it’s essential to find a new one so that your business will continue to grow and prosper. In How to Start a Small Business in #2020: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Entrepreneurs, you will access:

A clear, step-by-step guide on how to start a company—from business plan to marketing, scaling & funding strategies
Pro tips for legal structure & administration
Tools for developing a work plan
Home enterprise and sole entrepreneur fundamentals
The key guidelines of business finance
Association & LLC basics
Info on trademarks & advertising
Helpful strategies for workforce resource planning, subcontracting & recruiting

And much more!

If you’re seeking simple yet effective strategies for creating a successful new business, this book is for you.

Even if you've never started a business before, absorbing the information in this book can provide all you need to know about how to hit the ground running with your product or service in 2020.

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