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12 Things To Do Before You Start Writing Your Book

Answer the following questions before you start writing your book.

1. Why do you write? Is it for fun, a hobby or to make money? Is this a passion that lets you write from your heart or is it just something you want to try?

2. What genré are you going to write your book in?

Is it something you are acquainted with?

Do you know the structure of such a genré?

3. Why do you want to write in this genré?

4. What is the purpose of your book?

5. Who do you want to reach with your book? Who is going to read it?

6. Did you do enough research about your book and the content?

So, do you know when, where, how and why things happens your book?

7. What is the theme of your book?

8. What is the idea of your book? Just as a nice book to read/ to give information or knowledge to your reader/ to relax your reader/ to take your reader to another world or dimension/to learn something to your reader?

9. Who is your protagonist and antagonist? Why?

Do you have an idea what is going to happen to them?

10. Where is your story taking place?

11. When does your story took palace? Time, date, year.

12. Write a short synopsis of what you think your story is about. Give it to someone to read. Build on this to complete your story.


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