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What formats do we support?

DiGi Publishers converts your manuscript to the following formats to be read on any device

  • PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”, and is best for e-books that are meant to be read on a computer. Good if work contains complex layout, charts or images. Most of the time text isn’t reflowable.

  • EPUB files stands for “Electronic Publication”, and is the more flexible e-book format. They can “reflow” their text to move on and off different pages based on the size of the device on which the reader is using. Practically for viewing on smaller screens such as smartphones. EPUB files can be read on any device. Adobe Digital Editions is a good way to read your e-books. It is a free app you can download.

  • MOBI: can only be read on a Kindle device from Amazon.

  • Plain Text: some devices can only read plain text with no images or graphics.

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