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How Not To Write Boring And Bland Stories

Have you ever think about a story with no cliff hangers, anxiety, actions or conflict? A story like this, will not give your reader a reason to sit on the edge of her/his stool.

No person in the world has a peaceful, hassle-free life. Everyone must endure some obstacles on their way. No one’s life is predictable – and so must your story be. Life has its ups and downs- so must your story and characters. Make them alive. Make their world out of control.

Stories are about events happening to people. Events that bring challenges, changes, conflict. Events that messes up all their good plans. But also other characters to put obstacles in their paths. They need trials and confrontations. Life is about drama, conflict, hurdles and emotions.

Story is about when characters face events or other characters that set their whole world spinning and when they have to make decisions, they make the wrong ones. Just to disrupt their lives even more.

Let your characters take risks. Push them beyond the commons and expected, and then push them over the edge.

How to make your characters more than bland and boring?

· Put them into unfamiliar situations

· Take away their support

· Give them challenges both external and internal

· Limit their choices to two and make them abhorrent to your character.

· Make your readers care what happens to the characters and those affected by her/his actions.

· Let your character make a horrible mistake when he/she is trying to solve a problem.

· Make it hard to quit or to give up. Give her/him a reason to carry on, even if it means to give something up or lose something, even her/his life.

· Make a character say or do something a “normal” person wouldn’t do.

· Let your protagonist take a risk. Then another one. Then one more. Escalate the consequences should the risks prove beyond her ability to master.

· make the risks or wrong choices the things that costs your protagonist dearly.

· Make your antagonist the biggest problem and challenge in the life of your protagonist.

Remember: life is not easy; so are your characters in your story. This will let them grow and conquer what they in the first place wanted. Change them. Develop new skills, tap into strengths long forgotten. Test their skills and endurance.

· Don’t allow characters to play it safe. Force them to step out.

· Surprise your readers time and time again. If they think THIS is going to happen, let the opposite happens!


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