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How to make your novel more memorable

4 Questions writers must ask:

· How can I write a good story?

· Why do some stories become top sellers?

· Why do some books sell and others not?

· Does the problem come from your publisher or yourself?

The selling and popularity of your book is all up to you as the author. Write a book that sells.

Write a book that readers love.

How to make your novel more memorable:

The most important characters are your protagonist and antagonist.

Let them drive the story.

Structure your story. Do your planning.

Write from your heart.

Includes only the most important parts.

Write your story so that your readers can feel, see, hear, touch and smell.

Engage your readers in your characters’ emotions.

Keep it simple for everyone to understand.

Be interested in what your writing is about.

Include fascinating details.

Learn how to describe effectively.

Write in the active voice - not passive.

Use some creative writing techniques.

Always use a dictionary – check and check for spelling and grammar.

Don’t forget to focus on your theme throughout your book.

Use enough conflict or struggle for your protagonist to form plots in your story.

Avoid clichés and repetitive phrasing.

Look at your setting for the story.

Stay with your tone and style.

Remember a good end.

What does a good book need?

Here are some good rules to know.

· Theme: a theme is something important the story tries to tell us.

· Plot: plot is most often about a conflict or struggle that the main character goes through.

· Story Structure.

· Characters.

· Setting.

· Style and Tone.

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