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Reach a bigger market with your e-book

Reach readers in more than 200 countries. With one click, readers can purchase, download and read your book. E-books can be read anywhere in the world, any place and any time. Many companies, where writers can upload their e-books, requires a specific device to read the book. Our e-books can be read on many devices: laptops, computers, iPhones, iPads, Kindle reader, Smashword reader, Android phones, tablets, Sony Readers.

E-books can be read online or offline. DiGi Publishers make it really easy and simple to publish your book. Just submit our form. We will send you a free quote. As soon as you have paid, the process starts.We will try our best to upload your book within 2-4 weeks.

No need for you to run campaigns, have a website, do marketing or sell your e-book. No monitoring of book sales. No opening of overseas bank accounts. We do it all for you. You

receive 35% royalties for your book when sold.

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