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So, you have written a book but don’t know how or where to publish it?

Although there are a lot of options, you have to look at your budget and other important aspects.

Self-publishing is an option, but you have to do the marketing of your book yourself. This is very time consuming and you need to have knowledge about marketing concepts. If you print your books, you have to think about distribution and the costs must be added to your selling price, which puts it in a higher price bracket.

E-books are a much cheaper way to publish your books.

At DiGi Publishers we do everything for you.


Our services includes: proofreading, cover design, formatting to five different formats, layout design, ISBN number, upload to various digital platforms, distribution to over 200 countries, selling, marketing and paying 35% royalties of the retail price directly into your bank account.

Why DiGi Publishers?

You won’t find a cheaper publisher to do all this for you.

We understand the problems and frustrations of writers, that’s why we focus on them, and help writers to achieve their goals.

At DiGi Publishers every manuscript is valued.

Your story matters to us.

Share your story with the rest of the world.

Make your dream come true.

Publish your book with DiGi Publishers.


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