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What can e-books be about?

Anything! More and more authors turn to e-book formats. Even companies give e-book solutions for problems.

No matter what the content takes on, content must be trustworthy and of good quality. Readers want the full story. If critical information is part of the content, research is necessary and must be included as reference.

Examples of e-books: Business Survey; Courses; Products and Services; How-to books; storybooks; DIY books; etc.

Do you have knowledge about something- share it with others in the form of an ebook!

If you are a life coacher- help people by giving them guidance.

If you are a nurse, tell people how to nurse a sick person at home.

If you are an attorney- tell people what the laws says about divorcing and what’s it all about. Remember the people out there does not know everything. You can inform them.

Every person has a story or knowledge about something - share it- write an e-book!

Publish your book as an ebook.


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