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What To Do Before You Write A Book?

To sell a book, you have to do research even before you start writing.

· Research the existing book market: see how your competitors in your genre are doing.

· Research to validate your idea.

There's nothing more frustrating than writing a book and finding out later that no one will buy it. There are ways to make sure this does not happen to you. Write a book that sells.

Research who is your target market?

· How many people might buy your book?

They say you must write a book YOU want to read- but actually, that doesn't work in reality. You have to write a book for others to read.

· You need an audience for your book. This will be your market or target market.

· Identify your readers: women/ men/ young adults and teens/ children?

· How many potential readers exist for your book?

· To be successful, you must have a market that produces enough book sales to reach your goals.

· More readers lead to more buys, sales, and more money.

· Make a profile of your readers. Demographics. Habits. Lifestyle. Income. Interests. Etc.

· Let's take a book for women. Women are the biggest buyer of books, and they also love to buy books as a gift for someone.

· If a woman writes a memoir on her motorcycle tours- she must try to target ALL bikers- not only women. She has to bring in things men would be interested in too. If she writes only for women, can you see how narrow her target market is? What about the people who always dreamed of becoming a biker? How can she get them involved?

· If you write a novel: what can you include in the story to broaden your target market? Think about elderly people living with their kids; individuals touched by suicide; parents with gay children; singles who adopt pets as children; parents with teenagers in the house.

· If you write a book, how you can broaden your target market? Bring it into your synopsis for them to see.

· Or single moms: this narrows your market to only single moms. But what if you also target all moms? Or include the moms who aren't single but have a husband who works away from home?

· Remember, market interest change quickly like the fashion world. Stay up to date with what people are looking for and what interests they have.

· Your title will be determining who your target market will be.

· Google keywords or ask questions to get information on your target market. Example: How many motorcycle owners in South Africa? Or look into motorcycle forums, blogs, associations. Research how many people search for your book idea/genre/topic/etc.

· Look in bookstores or Amazon for bestseller ranks: what's the genre, topic, idea, title.

· Know your target market size: then evaluate your idea with that market in mind.

· Example: a self-help book for women. This narrows your target market. But what if you realize men, leaders, and corporate readers can also benefit from this book and not only women!

· If you write a memoir (a book about your life experiences), do not focus on one life aspect/theme/or plot. Your target market must not only be your friends and family. Write your life story so that others would benefit and enjoy it.

· Ask yourself: how can you improve or change your book to reach a bigger market?

Write to your MARKET!

Target your new and enlarged market.

What does it take to make a book a good idea?

· You must love your topic/genre/idea- if YOU don't like it- who will?

· You must be passionate about it - will your readers also be?

· You must write a book that is discoverable; has a unique positioning. Your book must be unique.

· Your book must be without hordes of competition. Toady readers can choose through millions of books. If you write a book about "How to lose weight," your book will never be discovered in the sea of other books on the same topic. You must choose another title or write something other than the books on the same idea.

Tips for Writing:

1) Do research about your target market before you start writing.

2) Keep your target market in mind

3) Plan and outline your book.

4) Choose a bestselling title.

5) Choose a stunning book cover.

6) Write a good book description or synopsis. This will give your reader an idea of what your book is about and if they are interested.

7) Get professional editing. Don't give your readers bland or boring content with lots of errors.

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