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Why e-books?

We live in a digital world, as such everyone is moving towards more convenient and efficient ways of doing things over old obsolete ways. An eBook allows you to enjoy all the wondrous things books has to offer although with the convenience of having it in electronic format. The book can easily be downloaded to a reader's computer, phone, tablet; and enjoyed. Want to read a fresh book in this moment but don't feel like going to the bookstore?

Ebooks have increased immensely in popularity over recent years. Authors are realizing this and are capitalizing on this opportunity. Authors experience maximum exposure for their books which sends sales through the roof.

Convenience is not the only great thing about eBooks. Paper books tend to be more expensive than eBooks due to printing costs. DiGi Publishers makes it easier for both authors and readers to get access to fantastic books of various kinds.

It's much easier to carry an eReader containing an entire library of titles than to bring even a few physical books. Readers can read online or offline, anywhere and anytime.

Ebooks are immortal.

Once you have published a book as an ebook - it will always be available for readers to read.

E-books are the future!

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